Building Beautiful Online Relationships

Feb 5, 2013


If you are running your own life coaching business and blog you will understand that at least some portion of your day is spent online. Add to that mix a facebook page, twitter account and some instagram snaps and you could be forgiven for thinking that the view of your computer screen is etched in your memory bank constantly. It’s totally necessary to step away from it all not just from time to time – but often. In fact, I think as often as you can. There’s sunshine to see, gardens to tend, children and pets to play with and yoga poses to master. (Yes – that is a wee snapshot of my life!)


But I want to share something with you about the online business world that maybe you weren’t aware of or are a bit skeptical about…

There are brilliant, beautiful, incredible and amazing people behind that computer screen – and building relationships with them will not only positively impact your life coaching business….it can change your life for the better.

If you have been reading others’ blogs and watching their offerings online (or even engaging in and purchasing them yourself) I am certain you will have come across a range of incredible people where you may think to yourself ‘Gosh – I’d love to partner with that person. Do something with them. Interview them for my blog. Do a joint venture together.’ And why not? These are all great ideas that can not only serve YOU but serve the person you have been lovingly cyber-stalking too!

So how do you build relationships with people you really admire online? Here are my best tips…

  • Comment on blogs you love. Not just facebook pages (though that’s nice too) but give them some love at their actual online home where they are hoping to garner as much traffic as possible. Tell them why you enjoyed reading something they wrote or that you put into action a suggestion they made.

  • Send them a friendly email – with NO ask. Just drop ‘em a line to say hi, that you admire their work, loved their most recent ebook etc. Don’t ask them for anything. Just give away some nice thoughts and a compliment. Believe me when I tell you – it’s appreciated, it’s noticed and they WILL click through to your website. (You’ve got that noted in your e-signature right?!)

  • Actually buy their products or be a part of the work they do. If they offer a complimentary session of some sort or are part of a free teleseminar – get in there! Be a part of what they are doing and creating in a meaningful way. You could find out that yes indeed your thoughts were right and you DO want to reach out to them further or…maybe not. It happens!

  • Engage on social media and share their work. When and only when it resonates with you and the audience you are trying to serve.

Once you have done all the above…then it’s time to be brave and ASK. But ask properly ok…don’t put a request on their facebook wall or even facebook inbox them. Don’t tweet to them – ‘Wanna write a chapter in my next ebook?’ Talk about publicly putting someone on the spot!

Send them an email. Or how’s this for revolutionary? Write them a letter or card. I did that once to someone BIG – and it worked. Ask them what you want to ask them whether it be an interview, a project, a guest appearance, but then also tell them what you will do for them, how it benefits them, how you want to build something mutual. Ask and give. Ask and give. And once you have – be your best self and let go of what the outcome may be. They may say yes but they also may say no. They may even not reply. It happens. But you can’t let it stop you from connecting with people ok? All that it means is that person is not your person – but there are others who are. Believe me when I tell you – there are others who are.

Most of all beautiful you. Don’t be shy. Reach out, just as we all need to do in our ‘actual’ lives, and connect. Doing so will open the door to not only an amazing business connection but potentially a friendship and heart connection too. And there’s nothing more powerful in the business world than that.

Have you ever reached out to someone whose blog or business you love and developed a relationship or partnership with them? How did it go? Was it a success or no response? Love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


  1. Bree

    I really enjoyed this article, thank you 🙂
    I’m not at this stage with my business / career (not even online yet), but I have pinned this for future reference as I found the suggestions encouraging and reassuring. I only hope that when I finally do muster the courage to get things moving that I too will produce such helpful and informative advice for others. Thanks for sharing!

    • Julie

      Thank you Bree and all the best with your journey!

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