Are there too many life coaches already? Is there room for me?

Feb 12, 2013


3 powerful mindset shifts to overcome comparisonitis and step into being the life coach that only you can be.

If you have ever found yourself scrolling Instagram and saving fantastic posts you come across, watching stories that compel you to respond with an emoji, or hopping into your email inbox to read a newsletter from an incredible businesswoman who lights up your day – there’s a good chance you are surrounded by inspiring life coaches.

Reading the powerful words they have to share and deeply resonating with their ideas, values and personality…all of these things can be so incredibly inspiring – especially when you’re wanting to start your own coaching business. After all, learning from and connecting with others is such an important part of business success.

But the problem that can come up with all of this inspiration is that it can sometimes ‘turn’ on us if we’re not careful.

…That life coach whose newsletter you initially loved to receive can instead begin to stir twinges of jealousy, frustration and comparon-itis.

…That health coach’s website you’ve long admired turns from being a place you loved to look through, to one you see and think, ‘Why can’t I have that?’

…That gifted self-love coach you’ve always adored speaks at an event, and while you are blown away by their incredible presence, you simultaneously want to crumble at your thought of, ‘I’ll never be as good as that.’

But here’s the thing.

When you truly embrace the uniqueness of you and all you do as a life coach – including the way you do business, blog, write and engage with your community and your clients – you have no competition.

Truly, you don’t.

Yes, you may be a life coach or have a business in an area that others work in too. But none of them coach or do business like you.

You have a monopoly on being you.

For the days that you find yourself comparing and lamenting about all the wonderful coaches out there doing what you do (or what you would love to do), take a look at these 3 mindset shifts to become the coach that only you can be.

1. Stay in your own lane

Your strengths, interests and skills are so uniquely yours. But it can be easy to forget that what comes easily to you is incredibly valued by others. Trust your own expertise – regardless of whether it’s something that comes naturally, or skills and knowledge that you’ve worked to develop. You have your own special calling that no one else has, so walk along on your own path and stay true to who you are.

2. Block out the noise

Remind yourself – you are the one in control of curating and creating your own reality. If you feel comparisonitis coming on, consider what you can do to change that. Is it a case of changing who you follow on social media? What if you evaluated everyone in your feed based on how their posts made you feel? What if you intentionally read/researched more content outside of your industry? These small changes can make a BIG difference to how often you find yourself falling into the comparison trap.

3. Write down what makes you YOU

Become more of who you already are with some time sitting down with a pen and paper. Write down 5 traits that make you unique and incredible. It could be something a friend or a past colleague has told you about yourself. Or how someone you love might describe you to someone that hasn’t met you yet – anything that helps to remind yourself that you have a specific set of strengths, traits and wonderful quirks that absolutely set you apart from the rest.

Your community and clients are waiting for you to show up as only YOU can. So focus on THEM, and serve them in a way that only you can. You’ve got this, Beautiful You.

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