Five Top Life Coaching Business Lessons – And Confidence Boosting Affirmations!

Sep 10, 2014

Over more than a decade now it has been my great privilege to coach hundreds of clients one on one.  Each has taught me innumerable lessons about life, love and the true meaning of why we are all here making the very most of our lives.

It has not always been smooth sailing.  There have been bumps, hiccups and tears.  All of which for me has created incredible learning opportunities to not only become a better coach and entrepreneur, but a better person too.  It’s now my great joy to teach others how to become amazing life coaches and build incredible businesses, and right now I am loving passing on many of the lessons I have learned from my clients and running a successful life and business coaching business along the way.

Here are just five things I truly know that if I had practically implemented them in my first year as a life coach in business it would have helped me enormously with my confidence, time management, financial flow and so much more.  Learn from the path I have tread – and take them for you!

Life Coaching Business Lessons

Set Boundaries

When you are starting out as a coach and trying to build a business it’s understandable that you want to make yourself as available to see clients as you can. But conducting sessions at 5am in the morning and then 8pm at night is a surefire way to completely burn yourself out.

It’s ok for you to be available only on days and within hours that truly work for you and your life.  If you are the right coach for someone they will absolutely make it work within those days and hours.  Meaning you both win.

Coaches Affirmation: It is ok to put me first. I honour, love and respect my need for time and space as a coach and a person.

Get It In Writing

Coaching clients always work best within a series where you can build a relationship and grow together into amazing new feelings and goals. And no matter whether your series is four, fourteen or twenty four sessions long, it’s vital you have a written agreement between you and the client that outlines this relationship and everything it entails. Nice and clear. No misunderstandings. Totally upfront.

Without this you can never expect to be able to have any form of recourse if for whatever reason a client decides that they want to stop their coaching mid-series or change anything at all about your engagement. So if you want to prevent the stress of needing to deal with such situations, put everything into the power of the written word.

Coaches Affirmation: I support myself and my clients by being clear in writing about our coaching engagement.

Get It In The Bank

I truly do appreciate that you may wholeheartedly believe that every client you work with would never not pay you. This is a nice thing to believe. It is not necessarily reality. Sometimes in life many things occur where people are late with paying invoices or simply do not pay them at all.  Many times this is completely inadvertent.  Other times it is deliberate.

This is why it’s vital that you do not provide coaching services in advance of being paid.  Full stop.  Simple.  My suggested way of doing this has always been monthly in advance of sessions occurring in that month.  It’s easy and simple for clients to understand and for you to be paid.

Coaches Affirmation: My coaching services are worthy of being paid for in ways that are flowing, abundant and comfortable for myself and my clients.

You Can’t Do Your Clients ‘Work’

I know you want your clients to succeed and have the most wonderful experience with you that they possibly can. Of course you do!  And by you showing up as your true authentic self and genuinely giving your clients your very best, the pathway to this being possible is entirely lit.

But you know that old saying ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink?’  Well…’You can provide an amazing coaching environment for your clients but you cannot do their actions or achieve their goals for them.”  You just can’t.  It’s not something you can control.  You can only control the way you turn up in the relationship and give your all to each person you are privileged to call client.  Everything that comes after then is up to them.  And that’s a wonderful thing – because it’s their life.

Coaches Affirmation: I believe in my power and presence as a coach enough to allow my clients the freedom and space to create their own outcomes.

Know That Your Way Is The Way

There truly is no ‘wrong’ way to coach someone if you are fully focused on them, present, and deeply listening and responding to their needs.  Don’t question your intuition, approach, or very unique way of communicating, giving, serving and coaching.  This is especially the case if you have ‘suspicions’ it might be very different to any other coach you know or have seen.

The only thing that makes you different to every other life coach – is you.  And so the more you truly own your personal coaching process, beliefs and way of doing things, the more you will authentically stand out and attract towards you the very best, most beautiful, and right clients for you.

Coaches Affirmation: I believe in my uniqueness and authenticity. I am forging my own special way of coaching, guiding and supporting my clients. 


I would love for you to share what hard earned and loved lessons have you experienced so far in your business as a coach? Do you have any pearls of wisdom that have been vital for you to learn and can now pass on?  I’d love to hear from you and of course if you have found these life coaching business lessons helpful and think others will too, don’t hesitate to share!


  1. Kirsitn

    Such divine timing! Thank you for sharing this, I really needed to hear these messages today xx K

    • Julie

      So glad to hear it Kirstin! It’s so great when things arrive to us just when we need them.

  2. Christine Rose Elle

    Such great reminders! Thanks for this article. I love my clients, and I love me too! xoxo

    • Julie

      What a great sentiment Christine! I absolutely love that and think all coaches should take it on board.

  3. Sarah Kate

    Thank you for sharing your gold nuggets of wisdom, Julie! I love these insights from your many years of coaching. What do you suggest with “get it in writing.”? Is there a program or app that you recommend to generate contractual agreements or does a simple word document suffice?
    Much love your way, xx

    • Julie

      Hi Sarah Kate – you’re welcome! I think a word document can suffice but in all honesty I think you are better to think about a service like Adobe Echo Sign or Hello Sign which is what I have used. That way you can upload a word doc (in this case your agreement) to those services and then people can electronically sign them making them a legally binding document. Hello Sign even allows a certain number of documents for free.

      • Sarah Kate

        So very helpful! Thanks, Julie. 🙂

    • Holly Headlee

      Thank you Sarah Kate and Julie for this. That’s a great idea…and I just closed on the sale of my house a month ago using Hello Sign…from 4 states away! So happy to realize I can use that for clients as well. Thank you for the other valuable pieces of advice. The disease to please can sometimes creep up on me and others in our work. It’s important to remember those boundaries. xoxoxo HH

      • Julie

        I don’t think you’re alone there Holly with that ‘dis-ease!’ Most important thing is that we recognise it and take responsibility for creating more positive actions for ourselves and boundaries are so often a big part of that. Thank you for stopping by and congratulations on the sale!

  4. Sandra

    Thank you for sharing these nuggets of wisdom! Very timely for me as I am embarking on my own mentoring/coaching business very soon.

    • Julie

      You’re so welcome Sandra and very best wishes to you for your new venture.

  5. Jarka | designedbylife

    Great tips, Julie and really lovely affirmations for coaches. I think we forget sometimes to look after ourselves as naturally we are always the ones supporting others… I will print out the affirmations and place them onto my inspiration board. Absolutely love your blog and hoping to join your course next time you open enrollments…x

    • Julie

      Thank you Jarka! So glad they resonated with you and can’t wait to hopefully work with you further. Enrolment information coming very soon!

  6. Anna

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I love receiving your inspired coach magazine and dreaming about my future. You really are incredibly generous with the information you share. Best wishes Anna

    • Julie

      Thank you Anna – and it’s my absolute pleasure. I did not receive a lot of support when I was first starting out as a coach and I so want to give that to others who are now.

  7. Chris Picone

    what a beautiful reminder Julie, particularly about putting yourself first, thank you.
    I have sent years working early mornings and late nights believing if I “just do this one last thing” I can rest easy. The truth is, there will always be something else to read to improve my education and my service to a client or another phone call to attend to.
    Thanks again

    • Julie

      You are so right Chris and so in the end putting us first is just so key.

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