How To Break Through Negative Core Beliefs and Build The Business of Your Dreams

Nov 1, 2016

You could have the best client attraction strategy, beautiful website or well-connected networks and yet there’s one thing that can potentially derail your best business building efforts…your mindset.

As a coach, you are likely to be very familiar with how a negative mindset can impact the lives of your clients, but what do you do when you get pulled into a negative internal spiral yourself?  Well, even though you may think it is cause to – don’t fret – because we ALL experience these fears and doubts and it’s totally normal.  It can in fact be a ‘blessing in disguise’ and a great teacher sent to help you learn more about yourself as a coach and a person.

As you work towards building your coaching business, the types of thoughts that can cross your mind whenever you step out of your comfort zone can include:

-Not feeling you’re ‘good enough’ to coach

-Comparing yourself to other coaches that are more ‘successful’ than you

-Being fearful of putting yourself out there and being ‘seen’

-Doubting whether it’s even possible to get the clients you desire

You’re not alone if you have thought these things before and there IS in fact a way for you to manage and break through them.

When you cultivate a more loving, positive, nurturing mindset as a person and as a coach, nothing can stop you from building the business of your dreams.  You are your greatest asset in your business and believing that will see you experience breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough as a result.

If you’ve been plagued with self-doubt or if fear has taken a firm hold of your mind, let’s take a look at all the ways that you can break free and confidently work towards a coaching business that completely lights you up!

Plant Positive Seeds

In order to grow a beautiful flower, you need to tend the soil that it’s growing in.  The same goes for your beautiful coaching business too.  If you’ve been busy planting negative seeds in your mind, your coaching business will never have the opportunity to grow and expand in the way that you want it to. Do an inventory of all the beliefs that you currently hold about your business and yourself as a coach. Are these thoughts really true or are they imagined fears?

When you start to acknowledge the beliefs that you have about yourself as a coach and your business, you can then look at planting more positive, nourishing seeds. With each negative thought you have, see if you can replace it with a more loving thought and watch your business bloom!

Get Out Of Analysis Paralysis

Analysing and agonising over every single part of your business is counter productive to growth – and also fun. Take time to rest, recharge and do things that help to make you feel good about yourself and your biz.

What’s one little thing that you could take action on today that will make you feel good? Maybe it’s time to pull together all of your client feedback forms and formulate some amazing testimonials. Reading over that positive feedback will certainly give you the warm and fuzzies! Or perhaps you love connecting with your tribe on Instagram? Go on and get snapping.

When you take consistent, baby steps in your coaching business, you’ll soon realise that it’s this kind of action that will inspire you to take those big leaps down the track.

Know and Value What You Have To Offer

One of the best things to do when you’re feeling stuck in your business is to reflect and write down all that you have to offer as a coach. It’s easy to focus on your shortcomings or all the things that you’re yet to achieve, but what do you already bring to the table?

What unique skills and experiences do you offer to your clients and how have you supported them in the past? When you start to collate all of these positive and inspiring qualities and skills, your confidence has the opportunity to be restored.

No longer will you be second guessing your ability as a coach, you’ll know deep within your heart that you have SO much to offer. No more hiding behind that computer screen – it’s time to share this with the world!


Have you been celebrating the little win’s just as much the big wins in your coaching business? Well, now’s the time to do just that. If you managed to book in a complimentary consult this week – celebrate! Celebrate this milestone, even if this potential client doesn’t go on to sign up for a coaching series.

If you’re feeling down and out about the size of your mailing list – celebrate all of the people that you already have signed up and treat them like gold.

When you appreciate all that you have created in your business, you’ll be in a better headspace to love and appreciate all the amazing things that are yet to unfold. You’ll be open to receiving more clients, more opportunities, more connections and even more money too.

Celebrate now and you’ll have even more things to celebrate in your coaching business in the future.



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