How To Reach Your Goals and Not Give Up

Jul 4, 2016

As a coach, you know how powerful the goal-setting process is in helping others take action towards their dreams. Nothing lights you up more than supporting your clients to take those courageous steps forward, but have your own goals grown a little stale in the process?

With a never-ending to-do list and countless ideas for your life and business, perhaps you’ve found it difficult to follow through and take action towards your dreams? Whether you have big dreams and plans for your coaching business or more personal goals for yourself, we’ve collated our top tips to lovingly remind you that your goals as a coach are important too. There may be times when you want to throw in the towel and give up (especially when things aren’t going quite as planned) but we hope these tips inspire you to keep going and move forward with clarity and confidence!

1. Set Yourself Up for Success

The pressure to move forward with ALL of your grand plans can be a little too much at times, especially when those beautiful big plans are derailed by overwhelm and procrastination. Just as you would encourage your clients to set realistic, achievable and inspiring goals, have you been setting yourself up for success?

Maybe you had good intentions of getting your podcast up and running, but you’re also juggling a website rebrand and coaching clients? Or perhaps you’re still working a part-time job and have put some unrealistic expectations upon yourself to ‘do more’ in your coaching business without taking into account your current situation.

Here’s a few ideas to really set yourself up for success:

Time: Think about the amount of time that you realistically have available to devote to your goals. If you’re struggling to make the time, assess where your time is currently going. If it’s really that important to you, you will find ways to carve out what you need to make it happen.

Inspired Action: Which goals are you most inspired to take action towards? If it’s starting to feel like your list of goals keeps growing bigger and bigger, perhaps some ideas could be placed on ‘hold’ whilst you move forward with the one’s that really do light you up? The more inspired you are, the more likely you are to follow through!

Work with your strengths: What comes naturally to you? What is something that you could easily do right now to get you one step closer to achieving your goals? You might be quick to look at the obstacles that are standing in your way, but why not look at all the strengths that you do have and all that is working in your favour? Working with your strengths will give you the confidence boost to keep going!

2. Break Your Goals Down into Manageable Steps

Your big dreams might be exciting but knowing where to start is often the hardest part! That’s why breaking your goals into smaller, more manageable tasks can bring you a sense of achievement and forward motion.

Not sure how to break down your goals? Work backwards! Think about all the little steps that need to unfold to make it happen. Sending one email could be one step. Brainstorming your ideas and putting them onto paper may be another, or getting technical support could be another. Break it down, then break it down again.  And again!

If it’s a new project that you’re working on, you might like to think about all the things you want or need to do before starting on that project, during, and then after. Or perhaps you might like to break your goals down into daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

The more manageable these tasks feel, the easier and more enjoyable the process becomes.

 3. Accountability and Support

Going it alone can only take you so far and there may be times when you start to second guess yourself along the way. Reaching out for support will not only give you the accountability to achieve your goals, but will give you an extra boost to keep going. As a coach, your clients call upon you for support so why not seek out your own support system too?

Whether you’re experiencing fear or doubt, or any other emotions that comes with stepping outside of your comfort zone, having someone to cheer you on and celebrate how far you’ve come makes a big difference.

Who are the people that you can call upon for extra support whilst reaching for your goals? Is it time to invest in your own coach for more tailored support? The support you need to keep going is never too far away if you have the courage to reach out.

4. A Compassionate Approach

If your goals and plans aren’t going quiet as well as you envisioned, be gentle with yourself. Beating yourself up about it is not going to motivate or inspire you to keep going.  If you’ve been feeling down about your progress, try a more loving approach. Everyone experiences setbacks or speed bumps along the way, but being kind to yourself throughout this process is especially important.

Have you taken the time to reflect on all that you have achieved so far? What about the lessons and growth that you have experienced throughout all your efforts? Do you need to take a short break to feel re-inspired by your goals again? Do whatever you need to do feel connected and aligned with your goals again. A compassionate approach is essentially what’s going to help you keep going (and never give up!).

You’ve got this, beautiful you!



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