Is Marie Forleo’s BSchool Really Worth It?

Feb 9, 2014


Two years ago on somewhat of a whim I decided to sign up to do Marie Forleo’s B-School.  My life coaching and business coaching business was going well and my client base growing, but I knew I needed some help with being able to market and promote myself better, something I had never been taught when I was trained to be a life coach, but I’m very glad to now say the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course will be teaching!

I had only come across Marie and her fun business videos a few weeks prior.  I had not been following her for very long, but enjoyed her enthusiasm and straight up business advice, especially coming from someone who was clearly so successful as an entrepreneur.  When Marie’s online B-School launched I was initially intrigued, but did not press the buy now button immediately.  $2000 for an online course seemed like a big investment at the time, (and I very much appreciate for most people still is), and I truly did wonder if my investment would return to me.  After a soulful chat with my very business brained husband who told me after watching her videos that she was in his opinion ‘the real deal’ – I did so too.

What I received was nothing less than a life changing experience.

This Is What B-School Helped Me Achieve In My Business

– I finally learned what a really good, solid, decent layout of a website that both gives to people and converts to clients really looks like.  Some minor adjustments here, some major adjustments there and suddenly I started to notice more and more people were contacting me simply through google searches and viral means in a way that was easeful and flowing with much less effort on my part.

– The sign ups to my newsletter QUADRUPLED.  Yes indeed.  And why is this so important?  If you’re not aware of it already, your email list is one of the most valuable things you own, especially when many people want to connect with you that way first before buying from or working with you.  A humming and engaged email list can be the difference between you making sales, getting new clients and growing your business – and not.

– My organisational skills skyrocketed; particularly in relation to my social media and blogging schedule.  Both now hum beautifully and are continually growing all the time.  We’ve just hit 6000 Facebook likes!

– I formed incredible new professional relationships and friendships with an Australian based and further worldwide network of amazing women all living their entrepreneurial dream.  We engage and support each other both online and in person and it is quite frankly the best ‘sisterhood’ I have ever belonged to.  This was an unexpected and totally beautiful ‘bonus’ that wasn’t even known to me ahead of enrolling.  And the support and connection within the group is still as strong today as it was two years ago.

Marie Forleo and Oprah Winfrey

Marie appearing on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Oprah.

My Major Achievements Since Enrolling In B-School

Since taking the course in 2012 and in less than two years…

– I have become a full time entrepreneur and have built an incredible team of people around me who I gladly pay to help with their own entrepreneurial dreams.

– After grappling with an almost six month waiting list to see new coaching clients, I have platformed my love of 1:1 life coaching and business coaching into the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, something that as little as six months ago I would never have thought possible.

The pilot for the very first Beautiful You Life Coaching Course SOLD OUT in less than a week without any extensive advertising and if ever there was a true testament to what B-School has taught me – it’s surely that and my now solid skills in how to truly leverage my online business.

So is Marie Forleo’s B-School really worth it?  In a simple but very powerful word – yes.  Don’t get me wrong, you have to do the work and implement what you have been taught.  It won’t get done for you.  Your level of motivation to succeed as an entrepreneur no matter whether you are a coach (or wanting to become one), another type of service provider such as a counsellor, dietician or naturopath or your running a divine online shop selling beautiful wares – must be high.  You’ve got to want it.  And you’ve got to put in.  I truly believe that if you’re considering doing Marie Forleo’s B-School then that is very important to say.  Implement, implement, implement!

So What Is B-School Exactly and What Will You Get?

B-School is the world’s first online business school for modern entrepreneurs.

It is a curriculum based training program that teaches smart, modern and “non-douchy” online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence.

The program is delivered as an 8-week, video based, interactive online training program that demands big action and creates big results.

In particular B-School will teach you how to plan for profitable success, creating a website that truly works and makes money for you, how to create an incredible communication plan and grow your email list, creating products and services that really sell and most importantly, how to market them extraordinarily well. 

Is B-School potentially calling you too?  Do you have, like I did, a dream to start or grow your business into something that is life giving and amazing for not just you but all you wish to touch with your work and of course your family and loved ones too?  Then this amazing online business course could just be perfect for you.  And right now Marie has a free video training series that you can sign up to for a taste of what is coming in B-School.  The high level business advice that Marie gives away for free is incredible so even if you sign up to get the free videos and do nothing else – you’re coming up roses!

What Might You Achieve what might you achieve if YOU sign up for B-School and work with me?  Here is just a small selection of beautiful souls who signed up to do B-School with me in 2013 and this is what they achieved…

Amy-Somers-TestimonialJeanie-Irving-TestimonialKacey-Crawford-TesimonialKate-Erlenbusch-TestimonialKim-McFarlane-Testimonial Melissa-Sandon-Tesimonial Pauline-Hanuise-Testimonial Rachel-Gadiel-Tesimonial

So enjoy Marie’s free videos beautiful you and ahead of enrolment time be sure to check back in here where I will make another announcement once enrolments are live.  If you would even like to sneak into my inbox to ask me further questions about B-School and have me email you directly when enrolments open do contact us.

Please keep in mind that if you sign up to do B-School but you do not use my affiliate link you will not receive these bonuses.  If unsure and really truly wanting to work with me – play it safe gorgeous and email me.  You will then be on the inside track.


  1. Julie Dargan

    HI, I want to sign through your site as an affiliate. I was just about to sign up when My cousin told me about you. She did the course last year and I think was an affiliate with you also (Rhiannon Colarossi) so gave me your link today. My question is that when I clicked on your link to go and sign up it seemed to go to the page that I have already signed up. I do understand that the applications open later in the week but just wondered if my link goes direct through you?
    So looking forward to the program
    Julie Dargan

    • Julie

      Hi Julie! Great to connect with you. That’s correct – it should go straight through to Marie’s free video series but I’m going to send you an email and ensure you receive a private email from me for when enrolments do open.

    • Brigid

      Oh wow. I’ve been watching Marie’s videos, getting very inspired (and a little emotional!), and came back to this post as I love the idea of signing up through your Beautiful You affiliate link Julie.
      And here’s my lovely friend Julie Dargan going to do exactly that! Which would take our coffee catch-ups (and biz dreams & plans!) to a whole new level!!!

      • Julie

        Hey there Brigid! Isn’t Marie great? She’s certainly inspiring for sure and I would LOVE to have you as part of my group coaching and B-School experience. That whole new level you’re talking about is NOT far away!

  2. Alexandra

    Hi Julie,
    Just wanted to drop you a line to say I love the work that you do, it’s great to see someone so aligned to my work!
    In wellness,
    Alexandra x

    • Julie

      Thanks for stopping by Alexandra!

  3. Glenda @ Healthy Stories

    This sounds so fantastic Julie. I have sent you an email expressing my interest in signing up to B-School through your affiliate program. I’m really excited about being able to do such a fantastic course and having extra support from you.

    • Julie

      Brilliant Glenda! I cannot wait to work with you. You will love the course.


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