Life Coaching Lessons From Gabrielle Bernstein

Jan 15, 2015

Recently I had the amazing experience of hearing Gabrielle Bernstein speak live on her Earth Events tour of Australia and enjoyed a gorgeous brief chat with her afterwards too. She was gracious, giving, and a joy to listen to as she floated across the stage effortlessly sharing her wisdom on all things life, love and light.

I often don’t like to take notes when I am listening to a great speaker, rather choosing to be fully in the moment and listening to what I am supposed to hear.  But for this one I found myself frantically scribbling as Gabby shared gem after gem, which I immediately knew was perfect wisdom for life coaches to hear.  And so I hope you love these Life Coaching Lessons From Gabrielle Bernstein as she so eloquently shared them with everyone in the room.  And while they were not directed at life coaches per se I am sure you will be able to see how amazingly relevant they are to all coaches.

Life Coach Gabrielle Bernstein

The world we live in is our classroom.  People are our assignments.

The life you lead as a coach and everything you consciously choose to surround yourself with plays an enormous role in how you show up for your clients.  And some of those client sessions and series will make you feel A+.

However the real learning will come from those clients where you feel stretched, challenged, way out of your comfort zone and needing to look within.  Next time those assignments come into your life don’t complain, or push them away, or give them less than those clients who are breezy and easy.  You will be a better coach for it.

Choose again.

We all make mistakes.  And not just one once.  Sometimes we need to do the same thing – even if hurtful to us – over and over again before we decide it’s time for another way .  We can always choose again.  Always.  No matter how many times we may have chosen something that didn’t work.

We can always choose again.  And encourage our clients to do the same.  We can always choose again.

Your presence is your most vital source of power.

You may think that your ‘toolkit of tricks’ or a fancy worksheet or new technique that you’ve recently learned is the best thing you have for your clients.  It’s not.

By honouring and holding a space for your clients where they can just ‘be’ and ‘grow’ and feel the love that exists within them, you are giving them the gift of your time, commitment, energy and full presence.  You are enough.  And the full gift of your presence will allow the innate power that is within you to gently touch the lives of your clients in the most potent and powerful way.

Measure your success based on how much fun you are having.

Isn’t it just so easy to get caught up in measuring how ‘successful’ we are based on how much money we are making, or how many clients we have or if we can get that damn post on HuffPo!  It’s very easy – and can take us away from the ‘real’ reasons behind why so many of us start our own businesses.

What were those reasons for you?  Some of them would likely be based around freedom, expression, creativity and fun and the ability to forge your own path and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.  Those are the things that are really worth measuring.  How much fun are you having in your coaching business?  Struggling to remember the last time it was fun?  Time to get your mirth on!

It is your responsibility to own your gifts and use them for a higher good.

Let’s stop hiding and pretending shall we?

You’re amazing.  Gifted.  Giving.  Someone with multiple and incredible things to enrich and enliven the lives of others.

If you’re waiting for someone to shine a light on you or give you a step up so others can realise this as well, it’s time to stop waiting for someone else to tell you it’s your turn.  It’s your responsibility to completely and wholeheartedly own every powerful part of your being and use that for the fullest and highest purpose you were put here on earth to do.  It’s your responsibility.  Not anyone else’s.  Yours.  Shine your own light.  Shine it bright.

Social media is a divine spiritual assignment. 

That tug of war you might be feeling between utilising the amazing free tool of social media for your business and refreshing, stalking and worrying about your numbers and ‘likes’ incessantly?  It’s a divine spiritual assignment that has been sent to all of us living a part of our lives online.

It’s here for us to learn how to use it in a way where we can spread messages of positivity, light and be of service to our clients and those most meaningful to us.  The numbers, likes and engagement are irrelevant.  The purpose for which you use it is all.  And your assignment is in learning that.  And then letting everything else go.


  1. Clare Evans

    Great post Julie, thank you so much for sharing Gabby’s wisdom from her recent trip, especially for those of us unable to make it there in person. Xx

  2. Jasmine Matthews

    Wow Julie – I LOVE that last point so SO much 🙂 x

  3. Wholesome Road

    Thanks for sharing, Julie! Those are excellent points you’ve highlighted 🙂 Where did you see Gabby? I was lucky enough to see her in Melbourne so I wrote about her awesome insights too 🙂 – I love how easy it is to choose again. Most of the time, all it takes is a little conscious thought to reflect on what our ego has created. And I love that she emphasised that it’s our responsibility to share our light. Not only are we restricting ourselves when we hold back but we’re also discounting the world. Love your posts and love getting the magazine 🙂

    • Julie

      Yes! I was in Melbourne too. Thanks for sharing your post – super great insights from a lovely night.

  4. Fiona

    Thank you so much for this Julie. With much disappointment, I was unable to attend Gabby’s event, so am loving this little share from you! Perfect little messages to focus on x

  5. Wendy Exton

    Totally how I’m taking on this year and my intention for 2015 is to Shine my Light. Great post.

    • Julie

      That’s amazing Wendy…enjoy it and shine bright!

  6. Amy

    Oh that last point… WOW! What a beautiful insight.
    I saw Gabby in Sydney, but she shared different messages in each city, so thank you, Julie! x

  7. Bianca

    Beautiful Julie, thank you so much for sharing! Yes, I have to love that last point 🙂 it’s what I do and teach! Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. Nycole

    Thanks so much for this. Perfectly what i needed to hear today.
    Measuring success by fun? Oh that is definitely being added to my monthly targets. 🙂 Brilliant.

  9. Elyse

    Such a beautiful summary Julie, thank you for capturing and spreading the message! The power of presence + being led by joy + choosing again are three of the most liberating lessons you can learn x

    • Julie

      Indeed they are Elyse! Thank you for being part of the message.

  10. Elizabeth Rose

    Ah, thank you Julie. The last point about social media was just golden. Thank you for sharing x

  11. Regan Taylor

    Fantastic takeaways from the event, what an amazing night it was 🙂

  12. sue

    Such a beautiful summary, of what was such a magical, enlightening and inspiring night.
    Thanks Julie. x

  13. Amelia | Nurture and Shine

    Fabulous post! You summed up that magical evening perfectly. Big love. xxx

  14. Ashlee

    Hi Julie, this was a great article. Thank you so much for sharing – so much wisdom going on here. Oodles of love xo

    • Julie

      You’re so welcome Ashlee. So glad you enjoyed it.

  15. Lisa

    Thank you Julie for sharing your insights. I can see why you jotted them down. Great post xxx

  16. Hayley Carr

    These are so beautifully stated. I was the same! Scribbling notes in a special notebook all day! So much beauty and truth in everything here, thankyou for sharing her Melbourne insights!

    • Julie

      Yes Hayley! The pen was getting a mighty work out…and I’m so glad I did to be able to share things with everyone in this post.

  17. Leila

    Wow, such pearls of wisdom!! Thank you Julie for sharing for those of us who weren’t able to see Gabby xx

  18. Ainslie

    What powerful reminders and insights. And such important messages for us as coaches AND us as humans. I’m again reminded how powerful our position as coaches are as well as how blessed we are to do this work.

    Thank you for sharing with those of us who didn’t get there “in real life”.


    • Julie

      You’re welcome Ainslie and that was exactly my intent. Funnily enough I really didn’t have any idea I would write a post about Gabrielle and her event but as soon as she began to speak I knew there were notes of wisdom that deserved to be shared.

  19. Kate Andrews

    Love this post Julie, thank you for sharing these insights with us. x


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