Male Life Coaches and Coaching Men: An Interview with Nic Tovey

Sep 3, 2014

In case you hadn’t noticed the life coaching industry is very female centric.  I don’t think there would be many people that would say otherwise – because it is in fact – the truth.

This does not mean that it is a bad thing.  Far from it.  Women are amazing – and I think in particular they make pretty amazing life coaches.  And may I say also that they make amazing life coaching clients too.

However I also don’t think that you would find many people in our industry (and even outside it) who would say that more male life coaches who work within the realms of life, career, relationships, sexuality, creativity, purpose, spirituality and so much more, are absolutely needed.  And in more plentiful amounts.

More than ever as the individual and collective consciousness of the world is rising, more male life coaches and life coaches who work with men are needed.

It can be easy to forget at times that men have emotional, spiritual, creative, and personal needs that are just as strong and in need of the cheerleading, guidance and powerful communication that happens between a life coach and client, as a woman does.  And sometimes, just as a woman can only feel that she can really open her heart and true being to a female life coach, just as it is for a man to a male life coach.

Coaching men I believe is an expert area within our industry and it is an area I will gladly raise my hand to say that I am not an expert in.  However the amazing Nic Tovey is, and I’m thrilled to share with you today a very special interview I recently did with Nic that was especially recorded for trainees in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.  I believe it is so powerful and rich in learning that I wanted to share it with all of you.

This is an interview that discusses Nic’s pathway into life coaching and working exclusively as a male coach with men from his former life in the navy and as an engineer.  We discuss the particular needs and experiences of men in life around topics such as violence, emotions, consciousness, healing, relationships and much more.  Nic also shares his tips on how, (whether you are a female life coach or male life coach), to best approach life coaching work with men.

This is 80 minutes of raw, powerful, honest and illuminating conversation that every life coach – no matter who you work with – should listen to.  Click the image below to listen in.

Nic Tovey

I would love for you to share your thoughts with me below about how you found the interview with Nic and what thoughts and new insights it may have inspired for you.

Are you a male life coach or know of a great one and want to give yourself or them a shout out below?  Please do!

I would also love to hear from you if you have any thoughts and ideas on how we can collectively raise the need for there to be more amazing male life coaches in our field and of course please share this with anyone at all that you think can learn and benefit from it!


  1. Rachel S. Heslin

    I *love* working with men! So many of society’s messages tell us that guys are supposed to be macho and focused and driven etc.

    I help show them how, by not just accepting, but *embracing* the softer, more intuitive and emotional parts of themselves, they can tap into a deep, flexible strength that can allow them to have a powerful impact on the world.

    • Julie

      That’s brilliant Rachel and great to know. I hope you enjoyed the interview.

  2. Darron Hilaire

    This is where I am right now. Trying to identify a business model to create an offering for becoming a male life coach. This article is so wonderful. I am following Nic now and about to listen to the interview. I will share my thoughts as soon as I get done.

    I will say now though that these are the areas that I researched when I was considering my ICAs, and I have amazing insight and tools that will push men forward in their lives.

    Thank you for this.

    • Julie

      You’re so welcome Darron. Glad you enjoyed it and best wishes for your new coaching business.

  3. Edwin Vega

    Outside of my CTI workshops, last night was the first night I worked with a male client. There were moments when I was intrigued and presented with how men (this is a general broad stroke) communicate their feelings and process. The journey was beautiful the client found/discovered amazing insight and beginning to healing a past (emotionally unattended) pain that he’s been carrying for months.

    After the call (and through this morning) I was looking to find ways to have conversations/find resources on the topic of coaching men.

    So grateful to stumble upon your website.

    My clients, before last night, were all female. I always said that I have an emotional palate that mirrors (insert broad stroke #2) that is more feminine (thoughtful, carrying, giving, initially more vulnerable, “open”). Last night’s experience, provided the opportunity to use the same compassion, love and insight (no more broad strokes) to hold the client’s agenda and walk along with him.

    Looking forward to listening now.



    • Julie

      So glad you have found us Edwin and in particular this interview with Nic. I hope you really enjoy it and keep working with more men. They need and can benefit from coaches just as much as women!

  4. Nora

    Great post and truly enjoyed the interview with Edwin. I am a professional life coach for men and my area of focus is masculine confidence. I am helping men to be the man, father, husband or leader they want to be. I do agree that “men have emotional, spiritual, creative, and personal needs that are just as strong and in need of the cheerleading, guidance and powerful communication that happens between a life coach and client, as a woman does.”
    It is a really delight working and transforming these men’s lives.
    Thank you!

  5. Julie

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us Nora. You’re work sounds amazing!

  6. Chris

    Thanks for this article – I know it’s a few years old now, but I work directly with men and only men and I’m a male coach.
    In the UK (as I would imagine most places in the world) the initial problem is getting men to understand that it’s OK to need support. Once men undertake coaching I find them to be open, honest (brutally so) and transparent.

    It’s an area of coaching that I love to support clients in and hope that I can bang the drum loud enough to allow men to openly acknowledge that they are having an emotional time and perhaps could benefit from help.


    • Julie

      Thanks for your reply Chris and keep up the amazing work you do. We really do need MORE male life coaches and male coaching clients too.

  7. Maria Conde

    Most of the work I do in the Corporate world as an accountant involves coaching and mentoring men. In my coaching business I focus on women. Honestly, I much prefer to coach men! I am seriously thinking about switching gears and at least offering my services to all, not just women. I really enjoy working with men and there is such a need. Like one of the other commenters said, men just need to be OK with getting support!

    • Julie

      So important to follow your heart on such matters Maria and also where you are most enjoying working. And if that is with men – then go for it!

  8. Bushra Salahudeen

    Julie, This was such a relief to read, and listen to (the interview). Wholehearted thanks.

    I am a sexual empowerment coach for men, and my mission is to support men who aim for extra-ordinary lifestyle, by moving into, and live from their authentic raw masculine confidence, through laser-focused transformational coaching, and energy healing.

    Every man is adorable, I can see it, and I want the men out there to see it for themselves. Come on gentleman…Rock it out:)

    • Julie

      Love your enthusiasm Bushra! We’re so glad to hear that this interview and blog post has reached you. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing in the world with men.

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