7 Tools For Growing Your Coaching Business With Pinterest

Aug 13, 2014

Do you use Pinterest?  Or should I ask do you use Pinterest for your coaching business?

Because I surely do know it’s very popular when deciding what theme to have for your wedding, whether you should get those ombre hi-lights in your new bob, or which spectacular recipe you should follow to create that dream dessert for your next dinner party!

Pinterest as a form of social media is so much more than just these things however, and it can in fact be used to enormous benefit not just for you as a life coach in your business, but also in coaching your clients too.  It can, if used correctly, drive a very lovely amount of traffic to your website which is what we all should want as online entrepreneurs!  So if you have been seeing it as nothing more than a wee bit of fun, (and I’m the last person to deny you that!), it might be time to really take a look at Pinterest again as a bonafide tool to help build your coaching business and better support your clients.  Here are some links and resources to get you started!

Pinterest Resources for Life Coaches

1. The Power of Pinning.  Go make yourself a nice cup of tea and settle in for 90 minutes to watch this webinar by Melanie Duncan, introduced by social media maven Amy Porterfield.  Watching this changed my own use of Pinterest after which I saw greater traffic, subscribers and clients as a result.

2. Creating A Digital Vision Board.  This is a great post by Ashlee Miller on how you can use Pinterest to help you manifest goals, dreams and desires.  Use it for you but what a great thing to also suggest your clients do!

3. 26 Ways To Make Pinterest Work For Your Business.  A great list of suggestions from Social Media Examiner.

4. Pinterest Marketing Tips.  A snappy slideshow that will show you how big brands are using Pinterest.  All for you to steal!

5. This is the only Pinterest Image Cheat Sheet you’ll ever need by the fabulous Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted.  And while you’re there check out the rest of Donna’s amazing resources and information about visual marketing.  She’s great!

6. Pinterest Marketing for Therapists and Coaches.  Yes – there is such a thing and this great post from Beth Haydn on Private Practice from the Inside Out will show you how.

7. And don’t forget the Pinterest Business Blog itself.  Absolutely worth checking in on regularly and I particularly love the Success Stories section for real inspiration.

I hope you really love exploring these Pinterest Resources for Life Coaches and they inspire you to really see Pinterest as a genuine ally in your coaching business.  And of course I’d love for you to join me on Pinterest where you will see lots of pins inspiring you to grow and become a better coach, set up a beautiful home office, expand your coaching resources and bookshelf and so much more.

Beautiful You Coaching Academy on Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest in your coaching business?  How have you found it for generating traffic and new subscribers?  Or do you use it in another way to inspire you?  Please share with us!



  1. Jasmine Matthews

    I keep meaning to get back into Pinterest ! Thank you for this post 🙂 x

  2. Donna

    Hey Julie – great post and I agree totally with these resources – Melanie Duncan is awesome for Pinterest tips and she walks the talk and uses it all in her businesses. And I totally agree that the Pinterest Business Blog and the Business section of their site is awesome for resources and ideas. Thanks for the mention of my blog post. The other way your coaches can get “up to date” sizings for things is to use Canva as they have the pre-populated templates. I am not sure if you have seen this post but a few Pinterest experts have weighed in with their secrets, so it has some good people to follow on here: http://sociallysorted.com.au/19-visual-social-media-tips-pros-slideshare/

    • Julie

      Thank you SO much Donna! That’s a great link to share with us.

  3. Natalie

    Excellent links! Thanks for the great article!

    • Julie

      Hi Natalie, we’re so glad to hear you found it helpful!

  4. Elizabeth

    Pinterest is by far my fav social media network!! I actually have a whole blog series on how coaches can use it to grow their email list and connect with influencers, as well as how they can network with their Ideal Clients. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest so I def think that out of all the SM networks out there, it has the most ROI with regards to a person’s time. Although Instagram is fun and can be effective, it isn’t a traffic generator in general like Pinterest, and Fanpages have such a low reach that coaches & bloggers are taking ads on there to grow their lists.

    Highly recommend every coach gets on Pinterest! Even if you are in a niche that isn’t biz or health, you can find group boards to join and share your blog posts.

    • Julie

      Thanks so much for sharing that Elizabeth. We are seeing a really big growth in Pinterest as an amazing social media platform for coaches too.

  5. Amy

    Hi. Great article with lots of useful information. I did find that several of the links were broken, though. That was disappointing.

    • Julie

      Hi Amy, thank you for your comment. We have checked all links used here and they appear to be working okay. We’re glad to hear that you found this topic useful!

    • Julie

      That’s fantastic to hear Andra. Enjoy!


  1. Pinterest Resources for Life Coaches | Website Tips and Tutorials - […] Pinterest Resources for Life Coaches […]

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