Resources for Coaches – Setting Up an Inspiring Home Office

Sep 1, 2016

There are many perks that come with being a life coach. Not only do you get to have inspiring conversations with clients and support them to achieve their goals, but having your own coaching business allows you the freedom to work your own hours from anywhere in the world (and by anywhere, we mean anywhere with a strong internet connection!).

It doesn’t matter whether you work virtually from home or as part of an organisation, having a comfortable, practical and beautiful work space is important to ensure your coaching business is running as efficiently as possible. We know that decorating and styling is all part of the fun, but creating an inspiring home office can work wonders for your productivity, client engagement and it may even motivate you to pen your first book or group coaching program.

Here at Beautiful You HQ, we’d love to share some ideas and resources to help you set up your own inspiring work space. We promise you don’t have to adopt the latest trends or buy any fancy furniture, however creating an environment that makes you feel happy and excited will ensure that you’re showing up as the best coach that you can possibly be.

Home Office Resources for Life Coaches

1. If you haven’t already poured over the gorgeous images on Pinterest yet, we’d suggest you start there. Simply typing the words ‘home office’ will give you a plethora of ideas so you can pin your favourite images to your heart’s content. Perhaps you might discover a particular theme or colour that you’d love to inject into your own work space?

2. Don’t let limited space prevent you from working on your coaching biz! If space is an issue in your home, this brilliant article will inspire you to create your own special nook. Bigger doesn’t always have to be better.

3. Think that creating your own home office is going to be time-consuming? Think again! This 7-day guide with daily prompts and action steps will freshen up your home office in no time, plus having a plan in place will set you up for success.

4. Be warned: you may spend hours upon hours looking at these gorgeous home office pics via Domino Magazine! If you’re searching for stylish ideas, insider tips and hacks, this is your one-stop website to get you inspired to create your own work space sanctuary. The Glitter Guide is another great website to get lost in too!

5. If you’d like to dabble in Feng Shui and use these principles to create harmony in your home office and biz, The Decorista has some simple tips to get you started here.

6. Creating a beautiful home office can be done in 10 simple steps. Home Beautiful has created 10 simple steps to get you going and inspire you!

We hope these inspiring resources help you to set up a home office that you’re truly proud to work from. However, please remember that it is NOT compulsory to have a slick or styled home office to run a great business or be a great coach.

Whether you work from your kitchen table, or in the smallest of nooks in your home, never under-estimate the simple act of lighting a candle or adorning your space with a fresh flower. It may be all you need to revive your work space and carry on with the life-changing work that you do.

Happy decorating coaches!



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