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Jun 18, 2014


Ok now…please do not fall asleep at your desk or put down your fancy tablet.

Or worse still – turn and run – because I just mentioned the ESS EE OH thing.

Because I feel your pain and have done all three myself in the past.  I get it.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is likely something you have this niggly thought that you should know more about than you actually do.  But it feels techy, geeky, and just far too hard to even think about.

Keeping up with your blogging and making sure all your links work on your site is more than enough to do with your time as a life coach right?  Right.

Well…almost right.

I was absolutely one of those coaches that when I first got a website and started blogging regularly, who paid no attention whatsoever to SEO.  I simply blogged away, never paid it no mind, and as a result, nothing truly horrendous happened.  It wasn’t until about two years ago that I realised that more and more people are using the internet, and in particular search engines, in increasingly sophisticated ways – searching for help, services, information and inspiration – from people like me and the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and I have no doubt – amazing people like you – whether you be a life coach, health coach, business coach, or maybe even all three.

I realised that I simply had not been paying enough attention to my content writing and blogging in such a way that could serve my ideal clients – and isn’t that what being an amazing life coach is all about?  Serving people?  Yes.  It sure is.

I had been paying attention to getting the copy on my website and my regular blogging formatted in such a way that was highly useful for my ideal client – but not highly findable and searchable in the world of Google.  And when I truly immersed myself in the SEO world and learned more about it, I found that not only was it not as scary as I first thought – it was in fact quite fun.  And also let me not hold back in saying – when I noticed a marked increase in organic website traffic to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy website around the very key topics that we want people to find us for – life coaching, life coach training – and so many more – it was pretty pleasing from a business perspective as well!

So if you’re a coach who has had their head buried in the proverbial sand about SEO because you think it’s too hard or not worth your time – heads up inspirational one – it’s time to change your tune!

SEO, even when done in the simplest, quickest and most time and brain friendly way, is more than worth it, especially when it comes to getting you more traffic to your website for the exact things that you want your ideal clients to find you for.  And more traffic means more subscribers, more followers, and most likely more clients.  Win!

So here is my definitive list of SEO Resources for Life Coaches to help you on your way.  The internet is chock full with this information but these are specifically to help you with your website, blogging and coaching business.  They are also perfect for anyone who is in a service based industry too.

SEO Resources for Life Coaches

Recommended WordPress SEO Plugin: Yoast.  This is the plugin that I use and once I had a go at it a few times, it’s now something I can almost do automatically for every new post I write in less than two minutes.  I am not technically minded and if I can use it – anyone can.  It helps keep my writing focused in a way that ensures I am always keeping in mind what people may be looking for when searching on the internet that can lead them to us – and that when they find us – we can serve them in an amazing way with great content.

SEO Expert: Shae Baxter.  If you are truly baffled by SEO and do not even really know what it is and how you can begin to take baby steps with it – then Shae Baxter is your go to woman.  Shae’s website is filled with plain speaking and highly useful SEO information that is not centred around trying to do anything tricky or fooling the ‘Googlemeister’ in any way.  She’s all about teaching you how to be in full control of your own SEO through creating incredible content that both serves your ideal clients and gets you found by new ones.  Sign up for her goodness now!

SEO Made Simple for Life Coaches.  A highly useful and straightforward post that does exactly what it says it will.

Ten Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization.  Written especially for bloggers!

What is a Meta-Description?  Don’t run – stay with me!  It’s not hard, but you need to know it ok.  This post by Liz Lockard will help guide you the whole way.

Can Guest Blogging Help With SEO?  This is a curly one but if you’re doing it right as a way to serve your clients and those of who you’re blogging for – I say yes!  And if you want to do it really well?  Here’s a post on How To Be A Star at Guest Blogging. 

Pinterest Inspiration for SEO:  Finally – if you’re a visual person like me then sometimes a great info graphic can really help you learn something well.  A simple input of SEO in the Pinterest search box has come up with all these goodies – that are both pretty and practical as well.

I hope you have enjoyed these SEO Resources for Life Coaches!  Please share them with anyone else you think may need an SEO boost, and if you want to comment and tell me about how you are using SEO in your life coaching business I would love to hear from you.


  1. Liz Lockard

    This is a great round-up! Thanks so much for including my Meta Description post! 🙂

    • Julie

      You’re welcome Liz! Thanks for the great work you do in this area.

    • Shae

      Love Liz’s work too. I’ve also learned a lot from Liz through her course.

  2. Nicki

    Great resources Julie! Cross posting across all social channels has been a big winner for me. Now it’s a matter of adjusting the copy to weed out the time wasters who find you via Google.

    • Julie

      Absolutely Nicki – being across those social channels is so important with helping with your traffic. It takes time and effort but is worth it. Good luck with those time wasters!

  3. Diana

    I was just talking about this topic with my computer programmer friend over dumplings and wine on the weekend! I needed something to get my head over it all. I resonated with this article so much. At the moment I’m just writing to get content on my blog and just having a go. If I got my head around the seo before writing content I think my blog wouldn’t be up yet. lol . I’m going to read through those resources and I’ve made a time to sit with my friend properly to work on things all SEO. Thanks for this 🙂

    • Julie

      It really is all about having a go Diana – so if you do even just that by yourself or with your friend it will help. And the more you play with it the more confident you will get and the more it will positively impact your business. Good luck!

  4. Clare Greig

    I love SEO. If you come at it from the angle of – how people use search engines to find it gets really interesting. It’s all about human behaviour. And that’s the stuff we coaches love. Great article Julie. Shae is the best in the business. 🙂

    • Julie

      A coach who loves SEO – great Clare! For years I thought it was something that was so boring and not at all interesting – but you’re right – it really is and so worth our time investing in.

  5. Fran

    Thanks for tackling this one Julie, such a great collection of tools… I can’t wait to refresh my SEO (a sentence I wouldn’t have said before!) 😀
    LOVE your work xxx

    • Julie

      Happy refreshing Fran – AND you’re welcome!

  6. Clare Evans

    Thank you Julie! SEO is something I’d put to the back of my mind whilst blogging – UNTIL NOW! The importance is timely. Much love and appreciation to you Beautiful! x

    • Julie

      Good on you Clare! Have a go – I promise it’s not nearly as hard as many think it is.

  7. Sylvia Chierchia

    Great article Julie! SEO has been something that confused and frightened me to be honest, but with Shae’s help, I am ever so slowly starting to wrap my head around it. Thanks so much!

    • Julie

      You’re welcome Sylvia – glad to hear you’re having a go at SEO. It’s worth doing!

  8. Shae

    Thanks for the mention Julie and so glad to see you and the other coaches tackling SEO head on. Nothing to be afraid of. xx

    • Julie

      You’re welcome Shae! Keep up your great work in this area. It’s really needed.

  9. Catherine

    Oh Julie! Honestly, you are the bomb-digity! I am seriously scared-beepless about SEO because i have no freakin’ idea. This blog has just made some serious sense to me & its actionable – my fav combination in land of the interwebs. Yay looks like it’s Monday night shenanigans with SEO plugins for me! xox

    • Julie

      It’s all absolutely actionable Catherine – promise! It does take a little getting used to in the beginning and of course practice makes perfect – but enjoy and dig in and I know it will be worth it.

  10. Kristianna

    Hi Julie,
    Thank you so much for putting together this resource. I kept putting off SEO as I didn’t quite get it. You certainly understood that and I was laughing when I read that you told us to ‘stay with you’ when you mentioned Meta ha ha. You so knew where my mind was going!

    • Julie

      Well that made me laugh too Kristiana! I’ve been there with the running away from meta tags and the like so glad it has helped.

  11. Fiona

    Thank you for this timely reminder! This is a great list of articles and reminded me of the things I have slacked off with. I did Shae’s course and it was excellent and enabled me to at least understand these articles and all of the jargon pretty easily…now just have to apply the info 🙂

    • Julie

      I’m sure you’re not as slack as you think you are Fiona! So glad the post has acted as a nice reminder for you though.

  12. Tim Brownson

    I was just doing some research into Googles latest Panda and Penguin updates and came across this post.
    A belated, thanks for the mention!

    • Julie

      You’re welcome Tim! Thanks for the rich content.

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