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Aug 21, 2013

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If you’re a regular online reader of blogs and wonderful websites, (which as a life coach I hope you are!), you will know that from time to time the owner of that online space will feature a guest post and blogger. You may already have featured one yourself or even been a guest blogger for someone too. Or you may truly love a blog or site and be thinking to yourself that you really want to write for them.

There is a LOT of guest blogging happening around the inter webs so how do you make YOUR guest post stand out? And is it really worth guest posting anyway?

When I say ‘worth it’ I mean – worth your time to do.  And when I say – worth your time to do, I mean can it help you grow your blog or your life coaching business in the way you are most need it to? Things like subscribers to your newsletter, bookings for your events, comments on your blog and yes, new clients and happy customers. These are all the ways a blog and business grow and thrive, and therefore whatever you spend time doing for your blog or business – it should have these things at the heart of how that time is spent. (Pssst…should you also be having fun with it and feel like you’re living your soul’s purpose while doing so? Ahem – yes!)

And before we go any further I don’t believe this is about the size of anyone’s audience, aka – “I’m not going to blog for that site because they have a smaller reach or are newer or are not as established as me” thought pattern. If you choose not to guest post for someone because of those reasons due to not thinking it’s worth your time – that’s ok and could even be a very wise move. Give yourself permission to say no and be lovingly kind to them and you about it. However, also consider that sometimes, as you will see from my list of suggestions below – audience size and potential reach is NOT everything. It’s part of things, but not the ‘every’ of the ‘things.’


I truly believe after many years of guest posting and gladly hosting guest posts that there are keys to writing a great guest post. Here they are…

Don’t be overly concerned with how many people you think are going to see the post or newly connect with you as a result.Those things are lovely – no question. But for me they should not be the main driving reason behind why you would guest post. Why when you’re trying to build a successful blog and life coaching business? Because when the focus is chiefly on what you GET and not what you GIVE, it changes your writing. It changes how you connect. It changes how much heart and authenticity you put into something. And always in blogging and business you should be doing everything you can to strip back things that gets in the way of that giving and authenticity. Because giving and authenticity WORK. Always.

Ensure that where you are guest posting is in alignment with your values and own blog and life coaching business. When people read your words on another site – those you don’t know and may be connecting to for the very first time – will they see the connection between the two online homes? And will your tribe see it too? Will it be effortlessly clear to everybody concerned that my guest post ‘fits’ and is in the right spot? This might seem like blogging or business 101 – but let me tell you…I see quite a few guest posts on sites where I quizzically scratch my head and don’t truly understand the link.

Write something that is of infinite value to the hosts audience.Is a guest post an opportunity for you to shine and grow your life coach work? When chosen well – yes. But let’s put that further down the scale of need and concentrate more on how you can write something that is going to help, inspire, shift, create or lift someone else up. THOSE are the posts and guest posts that get shared, commented on, loved. And if you can’t feel or see that you guest posting for someone else means you can write something like that – then it’s likely not to be right for you. Think of them and others first. What can you give?

Ensure your writing shines.Guest posting is not an excuse to trot out your second rate posts or writing ideas. What you write about for someone else should be of equal and even greater value than what you would write about on your own site. No sloppy seconds! It can be seen a mile away and ends up being a reflection only on you.

Be substantial. You don’t need to write a lengthy post that likely could be a great chapter in a book but also – don’t skimp. This also goes for interviews that you are invited to do. Ensure that when you are answering questions about your work, beliefs, latest projects and anything at all that someone has deemed YOU worthy of talking to about – be generous with how you respond. I recently was asked to host an interview with someone for a wonderful project they had founded. I loved the project and believed it worthy of space here, so we agreed on some interview questions via their PR company. Alas when the answers came through they were so brief and so lacking in heart and substance that I had to say I was sorry but that I couldn’t run it. And I was gentle but assertive enough to say why – it looked rushed, there was not enough in it for YOU, my audience, to take away from, and I also did not think it helped her or the project shine. Don’t let that happen to you. Over deliver.

Know who you are writing for. If you really want to write something that is amazingly going to connect with and inspire someone else’s audience, ask them some detailed questions about who their audience is and who they are trying to draw closer to them. Mostly male or female? Age range? Career, business, stay at home mums? What are they passionate about? What are they trying to achieve? And then write for that person, even if they’re not totally YOUR person. If you’ve got the alignment right then at least some of what someone else’s person is will be your person too.

Guest posting for someone else, when done with these tips in mind, and a fabulous alignment to the another blog, can be an amazing way to build your writing confidence, share more of yourself and your work with the world and connect with more amazing people. If you’re not guest blogging – give it a try. Reach out to those blogs and websites you love and feel connected to and see if they will accept something from you that can serve their audience and you at the same time. And if you’ve recently guest posted for someone – share a link with me in a comment below! I’d love to check you out.

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  1. Heidi Gillespie

    Thank you for always writing such great value content Julie. I was led to this post after reading another of yours on SEO and both were very helpful. It’s easy to want to reach out and do everything when you begin in business so this post is a reminder to do what you do thoughtfully, meaningfully and with a clear choice. I’m new in the world of inline business and have only recently got my website running (which I did myself!), so blogging and guest blogging are next on my radar as I transition from my email newsletters to a more online presence. Thanks again, Heidi. xx


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