Ten Amazing Things About Being A Life Coach

Mar 26, 2014


I have been a life coach and business coach for twelve years.  Yes – I trained to become a life coach way back when people were still scoffing at the thought that any sane person would pay money to see such a person.  Remember when we said the same thing about personal trainers?


Fact is, that coaching of all kinds – life coaching, business coaching, health coaching, executive coaching and more, is a vastly growing field.  We now live in a time where most people who are in the privileged position to truly think consciously about what they want their life to be about – want more.  People want to be the best they can be.  They want to give, grow, contribute and be guided by their spirit into a life that has meaning and purpose for them.

And working with a life coach is just one of the ways that people can find that path and spirit for themselves, especially if they feel lost or stuck.

Here’s my very personal list of the top ten things I love about being a life coach and a business coach.  There are so many more than ten, but these are the true highlights for me.  I’m sure you’re about to learn (if you don’t already know) what extraordinarily privileged and amazing work this is.

1. Life coaches get to see their fellow human beings at their very best.  By supporting clients to focus on how they truly want to feel, set goals with depth and meaning, and be in incredible action, they see people shine from the inside out.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

2. Life coaches ask the most incredible and powerful questions.  What do you want your life to be about?  What does self-love feel like to you?  What do you really want?  What lights you up?  Through potent and personal questions they help their clients think about things they may never have thought about before – but realise they should have all along.

3. Life coaches get to work in a way that magnifies their own strengths and brings their own passions to the fore – every day.  If they get great joy from supporting their clients to love their bodies and nurture themselves from the inside out – they can.  If they light up at the thought of coaching and empowering women who are experiencing divorce, redundancy, or a shaky life transition – they can.  Life coaches get to make a lot of amazing choices that suit them best, which in turn allows them to do their own souls work.

4. Life coaches by nature are passionate learners.  Great coaches are constantly looking for inspirational books, amazing personal development websites, workshops to feed their soul and conferences that will take them and their work to the next level.  Their sponge like brains and hearts are always open and looking for more of the very best in life.

5. Life coaches are the most incredible cheerleaders, encouragers, believers and supporters of people.  No cheerleading skirt or pom poms required.

6. Life coaches have the privilege of having the most incredible conversations with people about things such as love, connection, courage, vulnerability, dreams, truth and passion.  Cup of green tea, glass of wine, or fresh green juice optional.

7. Life coaches get to hang out, network, build relationships and make friends with the most passionate and personally driven people on the planet.  People who love people.  People who have made a commitment to building a life and business out of helping other people be the very best they can be – and for them to be the very best they can be.  When coaches come together it’s eclectic, electric and inspiring.

8. Life coaches get to work with people from all over the world from the comfort of their own home or beautifully vision boarded office.  They can literally travel virtually around the globe in a day; Dubai in the morning, London in the afternoon, Sydney in the evening, and so many other places in between, through the wonders of connecting with people via the internet.  It makes for an amazingly rich and diverse life.

9. Life coaches get to design a life of their own power and choosing.  There are no ‘rules’ that say you must only charge a certain amount, or work with a certain type of person or set regular business world hours.  There is so much personal power and choice in being a life coach, which in turn makes for amazing an amazing life.

10. Life coaches get to be at the forefront of helping make the world a better and more amazing place.  Sound too corny or too good to be true?  It really isn’t either.  When individuals are happy, fulfilled and living the life that they most want to deliberately create for themselves – all things that life coaches help their clients do – those people give more.  They love more.  They connect more.  They inspire more.  And collectively as a whole the more people in the world who can do that – the more we all benefit.

Is being a life coach calling you right now?  Does encouraging people, asking them powerful questions and supporting them to be the best they can be sound like what you would be great at doing?

If so then I would love for you to join us for the next Beautiful You Life Coaching Course. If you’ve read to the end and have been thinking – that’s me or I want that to be me – we want you too!  All the details are right here and if you want to ask us a question we would love to hear from you.

If you’re thinking it’s not possible for you to have all of this for yourself – it is.  If I can do it, anyone can.  You just have to take that first step and then sooner than you know it you’ll be creating your own top ten.


  1. Rachelle

    ooooh this post gives me tingles! Now that I have started working with my first clients I truly realise the power of my decision to become a life coach and train with you Julie. So magical xx

    • Julie

      That’s amazing Rachelle and we are LOVING having you train with us. You’re already a brilliant coach and getting better by the day.

  2. Clare Desira (Top Five Movement)

    Well said Jules! So excited to be training with you now and for your students to come! Incredible!

    • Julie

      Love having you with us Clare and yes indeed – so excited for future students!

  3. NaomiArnold

    Loving reading this post all over again – and nodding yes, yes, yes, all the way through.

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