The Beautiful You Coaching Academy – Our Year of Feeling and Joy

Dec 17, 2014

While I know that a lot of people say something like this at the end of a year – I literally cannot believe that 2014 will soon be at a close.  I am excited about the freshness and excitement of a new year, but can I also say – slightly suffering from whiplash with wondering – ‘Where did 2014 go?’

This is not because it has idly wandered by and I am now looking back thinking – ‘What did I do?’  It is in fact the opposite, with me having to catch my breath with the knowledge that the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is not even one year old. We celebrate that next month.

If someone had told me that in less than a year we would have run a pilot life coaching course which sold out in a week, followed by four other courses, all which sold out months in advance, I would have told them they were being quite stupid.  If they had then added in that leading into the following year we would have sold out another Beautiful You Life Coaching Course, with the one following being 50% gone as well, I likely would have told them that they were stupid and drunk.  Truly.

Stupid and drunk.

I feel compelled to share this with you for one main reason.

If you think you cannot achieve something, that you’re just one person, or too small or not experienced enough, or couldn’t ever ‘compete’ or that you will fail – just try.  Try yourself on for size.  You might just surprise yourself, as I and my beautiful team have done.  We didn’t believe we couldn’t do it, but I don’t think either that we had grandiose plans for the amazing success we have experienced.  It has happened for many reasons – hard work, dedication, team work, investing in ourselves, focusing on how we have wanted to feel and show up in the world, our mission, our vision, our values, service, care, compassion and so much more.

Most of all though our success has been because of the people who have made a huge leap of faith to train with us and become a Beautiful You Life Coach.  Their courage and commitment in choosing the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to the world of life coaching schools is not ever something we will forget – or take for granted.  It is their faith in us that has made us want to do and give more wherever we possibly could and create a training experience that not only inspires them to become the very best life coach they can be, but the very best person they can be.

And my how they have richly changed my life.  (She types with tears welling.)  They have returned to me so many of the very best things in life for no other reason than their own magnificence and the gift that I have felt in being a small part of their lives throughout the year.  They have shared with me their…


Beautiful You Life Coaches Speaking


Beautiful You Life Coaches Love


Beautiful You Life Coaches Coaching


Beautiful You Life Coaches Laughing


Beautiful You Life Coaches Smiling


Beautiful You Life Coaches Celebration


Beautiful You Life Coaches Friendship

It’s been a year that in so many ways for me is almost indescribable.  When I look into the beautiful and giving faces of all these souls who are now Beautiful You Life Coaches, the word that most comes to my heart is joy.

Joy for them being rewarded for working so hard throughout the course and to now be finding their place in the world as a life coach.  Joy for the people whose lives I know they are going to change.  Joy for the amazing feelings that they are already experiencing as a coach, and will continue to do so as they deepen their relationships with their clients.  Joy for the new path that is now there for the taking.

I thank each and every one of them for the light and love they have bought to me personally and to all of us here at Beautiful You HQ.  I honour them all so much for the faith they have shown in us and choosing us to train to become a life coach.

They have touched my heart indelibly and will hold space inside it, in a year that will close as being the best of my life.


  1. sue

    Julie Parker, there are not words to say how much you have enriched my life both professionally AND personally, and I have never known anybody who more greatly deserves every single bit of success and joy and love that life has brought (and i have no doubt will continue to bring) your way.
    I can’t wait to see what 2015 and beyond brings for you and for the incredible BYCA… you are divine! xxxx

    • Julie

      Thank you smiley Sue! You are a true gem and I honour you for being part of the very first round of Beautiful You Life Coaches – EVA!

  2. NaomiArnold

    Oh Julie, ditto everything that Sue just said. You and your team are incredible and are touching so many lives – not just ours as graduates, but all the lives of those that we touch due to the Beautiful You experience.

    This post of yours has given me goosebumps – and pangs of excitement as I think about what is to come for you, your team, your graduates and your students in 2015.

    • Julie

      Thank you Naomi! It’s been a joy to watch you soar as a new coach this year.

  3. Janelle Ledwidge

    Hello Julie, I loved reading this and seeing all the happy Beautiful You Life Coaches. I’m so thrilled for you. What you have created with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course and everything you do is nothing short of amazing. You’re an inspiration. And – you give the BEST HUGS. I’m just grateful to be a recipient of those hugs and to be in your orbit. Know that meeting you and being on this journey as a Beautiful You Life Coach has been an absolute game changer for me and without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve made both personally and professionally. Thank you for everything. All the best to you for 2015 and beyond. Xx

    • Julie

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment Janelle. I am so loving having you train with us right now and I cannot wait to see where it takes you in 2015 and beyond.

  4. Liz

    Oh Julie! This is the most beautiful post. Looking at those photos and reading your words fill me with so much love, happiness and a few tears. Thank you for being YOU and being such a visionary and for facilitating major life changes in SO many lives. I feel so blessed to be a ‘Beautiful You Coach.’ I am filled with SO MUCH love and gratitude for you 🙂 Call me ‘stupid AND drunk’ but this is just the beginning for you. I can’t wait to see whatever comes next for you, because I know it will be brilliant xoxo

    • Julie

      Thank YOU Liz for being a shining light as a new coach this year. We are so excited for you with all the future holds…

  5. Chantal

    This is such a beautiful post Julie. A HUGE congratulations to you in all that you have achieved in the past year. What you have envisioned, your unique and style and love soaked joyful energy, your experiences, and being able to actualise the sum of all of that into the course you have brought into this world is nothing short of life-changing for us. As portrayed in the photos, your course is uplifting, soul fueled, and consciousness raising for us lucky and grateful souls who have been able to be part of your first year. I think the deep connections we have made through the course are an incredibly significant part of the success of all that you do. I also totally agree with everything that Sue, Jannelle, Naomi and Liz say above – and ditto what Janelle says about being grateful being in your orbit. Me too. X

    • Julie

      Thank you Chantal. So appreciate you dropping by. It was a joy to train you this year and I’m deeply touched by how touched YOU are.

  6. Sophie

    This is such a beautiful way of shifting perspective back again. I’ve been struggling the last several months watching all these women doing my dream course, making these dream connections and then launching themselves into my dream career thanks to the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and feeling like I’m never going to be able to get where they are because the course was unaffordable to me. But you’re right, you never know where you will be in a year or two’s time and nothing will ever ever make me give up trying to achieve what they’re achieving 🙂

    • Julie

      Absolutely Sophie! You are so right. Keep dreaming and doing. I know when the time is right for you to do our course – it will be right.

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