The Truth About Perfectionism and Procrastination and How It Can Jeopardise Your Life Coaching Business

Aug 1, 2016

Opening up the doors to your coaching business as a brand new coach is a very exciting time. There are plans and ideas to move forward with, potential clients to meet, and of course there’s the thrill of launching your incredible services to the world.

In the initial stages, the excitement and passion of becoming a life coach is often what propels you forward. You can’t wait to follow through on your dreams and you’re committed to taking action and inspiring others. However, with any new venture, an overwhelming feeling that ‘it’s all too hard’ can wash over you at some time and this overwhelm can often lead to two things:

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Procrastination

Perhaps it’s perfectionism that evolves into procrastination, or it could well and truly be the other way around – either way, they both have a way of sabotaging your efforts. Let’s take a closer look at how perfectionism and procrastination can play out in your coaching business and most importantly, we’ve got some simple tips to help you take consistent action and allow your coaching business to flourish.


Putting your best foot forward and producing quality work is essential in building a successful business, however being ‘too’ particular and waiting for things to be ‘perfect’ can back fire on you very quickly.

Have you been waiting a long time to get things ‘just right’ before you launch your website?

Are you worried about having perfect hair before you get behind a camera to record your first video?

What about writing the perfect ‘About Me’ page? Has your constant fine-tuning kept you from sharing who you are?

Or maybe you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to write that email to a potential client?   

The truth is, perfectionism can often be disguised as fear. Wanting your business to look good and feel good is a wonderful thing, but if your perfectionism is holding you back, ask yourself; what am I really afraid of here?

If you’ve been waiting for things to be ‘perfect’, you will be waiting for a long time! Don’t let fear or perfectionism prevent you from stepping up. We know that there are people out there waiting for a coach just like you to support them.


Yes, you’re a life coach, but you’re also human, and that means there will be times when your motivation to get things done might wane. You’re allowed to have down time of course, but when you dwell on tasks or get side-tracked for an extended period of time, such procrastination can genuinely jeopardise your coaching business.

Have you been saying you’ll make a start on that ebook but continue to find excuses not to take action?

Are you stuck in study mode? Enroling in course after course before you get started on the important work in your business?

Instead of putting your time and energy into getting clients and connecting with people, have you been procrastinating with drafting up your sales page?

And of course, there’s always another video to watch, blog post to read or Instagram page to scroll through before getting started on your day! (We’ve all been there!)

Procrastination is simply another form of self-sabotage and during these times, it’s important to ask yourself: what am I truly waiting for and also what am I actually doing?

Whenever you start to feel the effects of perfectionism and procrastination, we’ve got a few ideas to swiftly get you back on track.

Start small. If you’re stuck in procrastination mode, is there a way to make your task more manageable/simple/fun? By starting small and breaking a task into actionable steps, it becomes much easier for you to follow through. Instead of setting yourself the huge task of writing your entire ebook in the one weekend, start small and write the first few pages. You’ll be more inclined to keep going and prevent procrastination when you set yourself up for success in this way.

Start where you are.  Instead of focusing on getting everything perfect from the start, use the resources that you have to simply get started. The whiz bang website that you originally wanted will most likely take time, so have you thought about connecting with your ideal clients in other ways? (Hint: Social media platforms are free and are easy for you to promote your life coaching work so that’s a great place to start). That video that you wanted to make? Don’t stress about the fancy equipment right now, get your message out there for people to see and there will be plenty of time for you to improve the technical side later.

Focus on your why. When you’re worrying about getting things perfect, or lounging on the couch waiting for inspiration to strike, reconnecting with your why will fuel that fire that got you started on this path in the first place. What is the real reason why you want to inspire others as a life coach? Who do you want to support? When you come back to these core reasons, you’ll know that it’s time to stop holding yourself back and follow through with the work that you’re meant to do.



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