How To Write A Best Selling Ebook: Resources For Coaches

Mar 19, 2014


You want to snuggle up in bed and have a blissful nights sleep and when you wake and open your emails the next morning, see all the sales of your ebook you could ever imagine. Making money while you’re dreaming!  Who could want more?

Lots of life coaches, health coaches, business coaches and other online entrepreneurs understand the value of income that is more passive in nature; income that is not reliant upon them coaching people one on one or in groups all the time.  And it’s smart thinking. Diversification is a great thing and also a wonderful way to give your ideal clients and readers a real taste and insight into who you are and how you can help them through a great book.

However there are a LOT of ebooks and e-guides out there right now.  Are you seeing them as much as I am?  They’re super popular and this might make you think it’s not worth your while to write and sell one yourself, but if you get it ‘right’ they can be very worth it.  So what is ‘right?’  Well these links below are filled with tips, insights, information and best-selling stories on what it takes to really get your ebook selling like delicious hotcakes.  And to start us off, I’m going to give you what I consider to be the most important two tips I have learned and used when I have written ebooks that have sold well.  Think of them as your cake base – and then all the lovely linkage below is the icing and cherry on top!

Tip One: Build Your Audience First.

This is just so vital.  If you are new to coaching and have literally just started your practice with a website that is a week or even a couple of months old; I would like to suggest you hold out on trying to sell an ebook until you have a firm audience to sell it to.  Right now the best thing you can concentrate on is building your newsletter list and social media tribe because they are going to be the people who are most likely to purchase that book you’re going to pour your heart and soul into.  Until they exist the audience you need to sell your book too is really hit and miss – so build that bridge for people to come to you first!

Tip Two: Ensure It Is A Topic Your Ideal Client Truly Needs Help With.

While it’s vital you write an ebook that is about something you love and have a passion for, for it to sell well you best know that your ideal client really has a love and passion for it too.  Or better still is it about something they truly need help with – a guide, in-depth tips, inside knowledge and wisdom that is going to help them make their life better, stronger and more the way they truly imagine.  If yes – then it’s a good chance your ebook is going to serve and sell well.  If not quite – really dive into finding out what your ideal client truly wants and can benefit from you and then get writing.  You’ll be glad for the pause when you do.

Here’s that icing and cherry…!

Jeff Bullas shares with us the 9 Tips for Publishing Your Ebook.

The book coach herself Judy Collins shares with you How To Write A Best Selling Book Title.

Is it really possible to make a $1,000,000 selling ebooks?  He of the four hour work week – Tim Ferriss – says yes it is.  And he’s got case studies!  Eeek.

The Write Life shares 9 Powerful Tips For Writing Your First Successful Ebook.  Go get ’em!

Looking for websites where you can sell your ebook besides your own?  Here are 20 Websites That Will Do Just That.

Needing a template? HubSpot shares there tips and free ebook templates too!

Smart Blogger shares 21 mistakes to avoid when writing an ebook and what to do instead.

Amy Lynn Andrews shares her guide on how to write an ebook, covering everything from her story to editing and marketing too.

So that’s how to write a best selling ebook – or at least some great tips and resources to help you along the way.  Remember to build your audience first and write about what your ideal client most wants and needs and you can’t go wrong.

Do you have an ebook for sale right now?  Give yourself a shout out in the comments below.  I’d love to check it (and you) out!


  1. Heather

    Thanks for sharing our post on writing your first ebook! You make great points — an ebook won’t do you any good without an audience and a topic that will be useful to them!
    Heather van der Hoop
    Assistant Editor
    The Write Life

    • Julie

      A pleasure Heather! It was a great article.

  2. Andrea

    Thank you. This post was very helpful, many great links! I am still working on growing my community, so your first tip on building an audience first was really important to me. I have many ideas for Ebooks, but I realize that my ideas my not necessarily resonate with my followers, so I will definitely make sure the topic is something that my clients NEED! Thanks!

    • Julie

      Thanks for dropping by Andrea. Yes indeed – the building of that community to successfully sell digital products is SO key. Keep going!

  3. Alana Wimmer

    What a fantastic resource Julie! Sharing this right now 🙂
    And thank you for featuring my eBook series – you are too kind.
    Alana xo

    • Julie

      You’re so welcome Alana – you’re a ‘go to guru’ for ebook writers for sure. And thank you for sharing too!

  4. Sheridan

    Hi! I’ve written 4 ebooks and all have sold really, really well! I’ve got another in the pipeline at the moment – I agree with building your audience first as basically, these are your potential customers so without them, sales will struggle. Also find your niche market – you need to be an expert in your field if you want your voice to be heard. I hate gardening so there’s no point me writing a gardening ebook and expecting people to feel my passion for the subject enough to pay their hard earned money!! So my advice to people is use your passion to engage customers and the sky is the limit xx

    • Julie

      Congrats Sheridan! That’s great. You have clearly found your passion and you are so right that if anyone is going to go to the trouble of actually writing and marketing an ebook it’s without doubt best to be about something they are passionate about.

  5. Lee

    Thanks so much for this article and sharing those resources Julie. I have just finished a first draft for a mini ebook. I see more of these in my future!

    • Julie

      Good on you Lee! There’s always so much power in just getting things done. Hope the draft is a final copy very soon.

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